Welcome to the Harris Family Website

Dorothy Harris, Governor SR Van Sant, Dr. John W Harris, Peter Pershall, Patricia Harris, & Nellie Harris ~1935

A “virtual” gathering place for the descendants of
Thomas Clark Harris and Hester Ann Rodgers Van Sant.

This simple website was created to provide a convenient “virtual” gathering place to share, discuss, grow, and preserve Harris family history.

Within the minds of Thomas and Hester’s still living Great Grandchildren (i.e. Robert Van Sant Harris, Jean Harris Cox, Carol Harris Pfutzenreuter, Jill Bingham Myers, Jill Harris Main, etc.), there exists a wealth of untapped family history to be captured and recorded for the future benefit of all our posterity.

And perhaps this website will provide an added incentive for those of us still living descendants to start writing our own personal memoirs.

By dialoging in a weblog (blog) environment, topics will be organized and accessible to more people, which increases the likelihood that the maximum amount of historical information will be captured and preserved for all time.

On that note, please take a moment to register (on the right sidebar) to begin posting and commenting.

In conclusion, I can’t think of a better way to grow and strengthen the familial bonds of future generations than to document and share with them their vast and colorful Harris family heritage. Future generations will surely benefit from a deeper sense of identity and pride as their awareness of this family’s rich history grows.


Mark Harris
1003 Cedar Street
Alexandria, MN 56308
(320) 491-0518

6 Responses to Welcome to the Harris Family Website

  1. Nancy Harris Blanchard says:

    Thank you, Mark, for putting this all together. I am enjoying reading about our vast history!

  2. Carol Harris Pfutzenreuter says:

    Mark, Thank you for all you have done.

  3. Jean Harris Cox says:

    We so appreciate your effort on this website, Mark. You’ve made a great beginning. Do you have the pictures of Mercy Davis Van Sant and Nicholas Van Sant? If not, I will send. I will send info on Dorothy and Patricia and my brother Jackie’s obituary when we get home in two or three weeks.

    Jean Harris Cox, formerly of Perham, Minnesota

  4. Jean Harris Cox says:

    We are grateful for all the effort, Mark. What a great idea and wonderful execution!

    Do you have the pictures of Mercy and Nicholas Van Sant? If not, I’ll send. When we get home from Florida in 2 to 3 weeks I will send a copy of my brother Jack’s obituary and info on Pat and Dorothy.

    Jean Harris Cox

  5. Sue Alexander says:

    Fantastic! Look how far you have come and in such a short period of time! For the Van Sant descendents, check out the VanZandt Society website. It is very reasonable to join the society. The Van Sants definitely have a rich history. Maybe Bill and I will see you at one of the reunions in the future!

    Sue Alexander

    • Jean Harris Cox says:

      I have joined and I think Mark has too. I hope we can attend one of the reunions and we will definitely enjoy meeting you!

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