Below are individuals related to the Harris name, either by blood or marriage, whose noteworthy accomplishments may be of interest to site visitors.

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Barton, Ray Alphonzo, Jr.
Bjorkman, Rube
Blanchard, Johnny
Harris, Nancy Jean (Blanchard)
Harris, Nancy Jean (Burggraf)
Harris, Sally (Hanson)

2 Responses to HALL OF FAME

  1. Nancy Harris Blanchard says:

    Clara Barton the founder of the American Red Cross is a distant relative of Willard.

  2. Mark Harris says:

    That is correct. Grandpa Willard’s 4th Great Grandfather, Joshua Barton (1697-1793), was the brother of Clara Barton’s Great Grandfather, Edmund Barton (1714-1799). Both Joshua and Edmund were born in Framingham, MA, and died in Worcester County, MA.

    There is a huge database of Barton history at: http://www.bartondatabase.info/

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