Below are some of the more common surnames found in this tree. The link on the left will take you to the patriarch for each surname.

ALLEN — Merrick Willard (married to Edna May Barton)
BARTON — Jonathan Miles “Chub” (married to Mary Agnes Gaddis)
BETHKE — Albert August (married to Frances C. Kocher)
BJORKMAN — Carl J (married to Edith Bethke)
BRANDT — Carl Erick (married to Beda Olson)
BROCKBERG — Fred H.(married to Sophia Margaret Stoltenberg)
BURGGRAF — Johannes (married to Anna Maria Arzt)
BYFUGLIEN — Erick (married to Inger Nordengen)
ERICKSON — Andy Winfield (married to Olive Christianson)
FEVOLD — Ordean Norris (married to Anita Comstock)
GRAY — John (married Ruth Hibbard)
HARRIS — Thomas Clark (married Hester Ann Rodgers Van Sant)
KYLLO — Peder J (married to Kjersten Oline Romo)
LOMMEN — Ola Alvsen (Berit Endresdotte Simmelenge)
OLSON — Erick (married to Mary)
RASMUSSEN — Christian (married to Ote Minnie Mikkelsen)
SCHNECKLOTH — Jochim (married to Margaretha Untiedt)
SORENSEN — Jens (married to Bergetta Peterson)
STOLTENBERG — Joachim (married to Nargrette Soll)
ULVIN — John (married to Louise Margaret Kjolaas)
VAN SANT — Captain John (married to Rebecca Simpkins)
SWEET — William Wallace (married to Nancy Jane McLain)

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